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Verification and Calibration Services

ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Accreditation: AC-1402


Our torque calibration system is based on our primary force standards and our length standards.

Primary force standards are derived from our mass standards traceable to the international mass standard by comparison (calibration)

Our mass standards are calibrated to the national mass standards by the “Institute for National Measurement Standards” (INMS), National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada.

Length standards are traceable to the national length standards at INMS through comparisons (calibration) by Length standards calibrated by ISO 17025 accredited calibration source.
Our Torque Measuring systems are calibrated to our reference force and length standards through comparisons.

Our TORQUE CALIBRATION SYSTEM maintains appropriate reference standards, working standards, check standards and calibration processes. The uncertainty of these calibration systems have been quantified. Assessment and monitoring is an ongoing activity with results fully documented.